Regional and seasonal foods protect the environment and contain more healthy nutrients.


Only fair prices can guarantee the quality of food and promote biodiversity.


As a farmer's daughter, Lara Steiner wants to save small businesses by giving them an online presence.

INDEPENDENT is made with a lot of love and doesn't get any money from big associations or organizations.

Seit 2018 verbringe ich viel Zeit vor dem Computer, um Landwirte auf dem Weg in die digitale Zukunft zu begleiten.

My motivation is my heart’s project, with which I have been accompanying farmers on their way to a digital future since 2018. I portray their farm, let them sell their products online in the Mucca shop and write a blog on agricultural topics and sustainable nutrition. And all this in four languages.

As a farmer’s daughter, I stand up for those families who grow food for the population on their fields, take care of biodiversity and protect the numerous steep slopes in the mountains from becoming overgrown.

I can’t understand why a farmer with around 55 centimes still gets the same price for a litre of milk as he did 50 (!) years ago, while the price in the shop has doubled in the same time due to high margins.
If the price is not cost-covering, the quality suffers – not only for milk, but also for other foods. Fruits and vegetables become more and more perfect, but taste like nothing. At the same time, biodiversity is declining.

With, I would like to show the population that we can counteract the development of ever larger farmed foods with our purchasing behavior. By buying regional and seasonal products directly from local farmers and paying fair prices, we not only protect the environment, but also save the many small farms from extinction. Only when milk production is no longer a loss-making business and the money can be invested in new branches of industry will there be no more 1000 closures per year.